My advice on learning English
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My advice on learning English



初三(5)班  潘雯琪


I am Panwenqi from Grade 9 Class 5 and I’ve done a good job in English. It is an honor to have this opportunity to share some of my experience of learning English.

Learning English is like running a marathon. It is a long-term process, which means you cannot hope to make enormous progress in a short period. Therefore, we need to improve our English step by step with patience and perseverance.

For starters, in my opinion, the most important part of learning English is accumulating vocabulary. We should not only learn to know the Chinese meaning of the words but also use them properly and perfectly. Thus, I suggest writing down the new words you come across when reading on your notebooks and look them up in the dictionary. So when you possess sufficient vocabulary, you will find it much easier to read English articles and write compositions.

Secondly, it’s also essential for us to get into the habit of taking notes and review them regularly. As I mentioned earlier, if we want to learn English well, we have to go over our notes constantly to completely memorize them, which really takes a long time. But if you don’t give up, you will benefit a lot from it.

What’s more, reading English novels, watching English movies, lectures or documentaries and listening to BBC or ABC are also effective ways of learning English, which will tell you native expressions and will be a great help to your spoken English.

In brief, learning English requires patience and perseverance. As the old saying goes, “No pains, no gains.” If you work hard enough, I believe you will have a good command of English soon.